New Athletes Are Encouraged to Join the Team as the Girls’ Basketball Season Approaches!

(Basketball falling through a hoop in a basketball court. Photo Credits: Unsplash)

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – With the Silver Creek girls basketball team holding tryouts in the middle of October, the regular season will begin on Oct. 31, allowing a vast opportunity for SC students to become well-known in the Silver Creek community.

The girl’s basketball season is coming up at a rapid pace. To female athletes, this is their opportunity to shine. With tryouts coming up at a fast pace, many past players from last year’s team plan on returning to the team.

The girls’ basketball coach, Kenny Olden along with former players are prepared to support and mentor the new athletes. Olden is prepared to lift this new team to greater heights. With Olden’s guidance and the girls’ expertise, the team will be able to bulldoze through the obstacles they face at every game.

Both freshman players, Miracle Taamu-Hall and Paris Paredes Rocha intend to join the girls’ basketball squad.

Taamu-Hall is now conditioning to get ready for the tryouts. Ball handling, shooting, dribbling, warm-ups and breakdowns are some of the conditioning exercises Taamu-Hall performs.

Taamu-Hall is very encouraging to others, saying, “Joining the girls’ basketball team would help increase your hand-eye coordination and it can be very fun playing with new friends.”

Rocha exclaims, “Girls should join the basketball team to have new experiences and be able to develop more skills.” 

A handful of Rocha’s suggestions could be helpful for beginning athletes. “Some recommendations I have are to practice and do your best,” says Rocha. “I recommend practicing as it can help you hone your abilities and, ultimately, benefit you in your match.”

Former players and new squad members have displayed their eagerness for the next season. Many of the senior players remark that “basketball helps to increase endurance, flexibility and motor coordination. Additionally, it promotes strength, quickness and agility. It can also help you cooperate with people better, which will aid you in team tasks.” 

Some of the older players, notably Janelle Troche and Mo Martinez, have a long list of inspiring objectives that they hope to accomplish while competing in matches.

Troche encourages other athletes to play basketball, saying they can benefit from the amazing learning opportunities and make new friends while playing. “Even though it may be difficult at first, after you get used to it and make lots of new friends, I am positive that you will like basketball as much as the rest of the team does,” Troche says.

Troche was able to learn how to get up even after being defeated in some basketball matches. “When I was knocked down, I gained a lot from that experience, making me a stronger person and team member,” says Troche. “The encounter inspired me to practice more and develop as a basketball player. enabling myself and my teammates to advance during the games.”

As the new team works to have a successful season. A large portion of the team is eager for the new season to begin.

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