Happy Halloween!

The Raider Review Staff Thoughts on Halloween

Halloween Candy

“Candy corn, it’s so sugary. I don’t understand why it’s so hated.” Arriana Sumler, Class of 2024

“My favorite halloween was my ladybug costume when i was like 3 because my mom made it herself.” Mia De La Cerda, Class of 2023

“I could probably eat nerd clusters for the rest of my life if I wasn’t at risk for my teeth falling out. I guess I like the way it feels in my mouth with all the bumps of the individual nerds. I can still remember the first time I tried them in 7th grade when one of my friends gave me one and I was on a sugar rush for the rest of the day.” Audrey Huynh, Class of 2026

“I prefer chocolates over gummies; maybe KitKat would be my favorite. I really like the wafer being crispy and options of milk or dark chocolate depending on my mood. I have only god memories that I associate with KitKats, as well” Diem Tran, Class of 2024

“Dark chocolate or hard candy.” Emma Tang, Class of 2026

“My favorite Halloween candy would probably be sour candy or twix because it has a nice flavor.” Jenny Le, Class of 2024

“My favorite halloween candy is skittles because there like a pretty good amount in each pouch. I also like twix but it is chocolate so it melts often and when it melts, the candy sticks to the package making it a hassle to open.” Raymond Hong, Class of 2026

“Twizzlers because they taste good.” Rose Stefanac, Class of 2026

“Almond joy. I like how the almond adds a crunch to the mush of the coconut shaving.” Thu Nguyen, Class of 2023

“Reese’s because I love chocolate and peanut butter.” Nikki Garcia, Class of 2024

“[I] love kitkats soooo much because it gives me a break and all i have to do is break a piece off of that kitkat bar. ;)” Dana Guevara, Class of 2023

Halloween Costumes

“Probably last year my 3 friends and I were the different Harry Potter Houses. We all looked really good and it was a lot of fun.” Abby Cordobes, Class of 2023

“My favorite was a pirate in 3rd grade. Go Raiders!” Jenna Do, Class of 2026

“Probably the time I dressed up as Jessie from Toy Story. I love Toy Story and Jessie was always my favorite character, so overall it was a really cool costume!” Gaby Reynoso, Class of 2023

“My favorite Halloween costume was Tinker bell from when I was younger because I actually looked good for once.” Valerie Sandoval, Class of 2026

“My favorite Halloween costume was my very first costume, which was an M&M. I was a little blue M&M and I love it because I was so cute in the outfit. My mom paired it up with a knitted headband too and it was just the most adorable thing ever.” Sylvia Lopez, Class of 2023

Halloween Memories

“I always go trick or treating in the Cedar Grove Elementary School area, it’s where my aunt lives and we just know the area so well. I was out with my sister and my cousin and we were heading home. Then we heard a small jingle. It was a kitten. We tried giving it back to the owners but supposedly they were out of town and someone was watching them. We couldn’t take the cat so we just had to leave it. I was devastated but enjoyed holding a kitten for the night.” Alexia Guizar, Class of 2023

“My favorite memory of Halloween was not actually on Halloween, but all the times I went to pumpkin patches.” Nancy Huynh, Class of 2023

“I was passing out candy and then this kid fell off the porch and his fall was way [too] funny to not laugh at.” Hy Luu, Class of 2024

“My favorite memory of Halloween is when my family and I stayed in on Halloween due to the rain. We just ate candy, homemade cookies, and hot chocolate as we watched Halloween movies including horror ones like Paranormal Activity.” Jasmina Lara, Class of 2023

“My favorite memory of Halloween is when my friends and I get together to go trick or treating. [Here] is an image of my friends going trick or treating together.” Katherine Doan, Class of 2026

“[W]hen I was younger my friend would have a halloween party each year so going [to] those and seeing family friends I having seen in a while.” Leila Radwan, Class of 2023

“Going trick or treating with my best friend. I really liked this memory because we had so much fun and I got ice cream.” Maya Garcia Perkins, Class of 2023

“When I went out with a few of my friends on Halloween of 2021 and we went to one of my friends houses at the end of the night. Then we all left to go home so I had to run all the way back to my house.” Toby Bon, Class of 2026

“My favorite Halloween memory is when I went trick or treating and I get to watch a movie with my friends after the trick or treating.” Tony Nguyen, Class of 2024

“2015 Halloween was the best. I went trick or treating with my friend, watched a Sharks game, and had pizza for dinner.” Vedant Janapaty, Class of 2024

“When I stole the whole entire bowl when there was a sign that said “take one” it was funny because I kept the bowl.” Harold Nguyen, Class of 2026

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