Tai Dinh: dealing with stress

SAN JOSE, CALIF.⸺ Tai Dinh is a Senior at Silver Creek High School and throughout his experience at Silver Creek he has taken a total of 7 AP classes and has been in 3 clubs. With all these clubs and classes you must be wondering if he is often stressed out and how he deals with that stress?

Dinh was born on October 31st, 2005. He is in multiple clubs including MESA(Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement) and UNICEF club. This club raises awareness for malnutrition, disease, and the horrible living conditions children and their mothers have to go through in third world countries. Lastly, he is in SCKPSilver Creek K-Pop) club.

In sophmore year he took AP World History. In his junior year he took AP Calculus AB and AP English Language. This year is his senior year and he is taking a total of 4 AP classes. These classes consist of AP Calculus BC, AP English Literature, AP Statistics, and  AP Computer Science A.

A picture of Tai Dinh.
Photo credit: Tai Dinh

With all these classes and clubs it is obvious that Dinh must be really stressed. But how exactly does he deal with stress? He claims that “Throwing myself into the assignments I’m stressed about quickly gets rid of stress because I am actually doing it.” Though Dinh is productive most of the time he has noticed that when he isn’t productive he feels stressed. He wants to maintain a healthy schedule and work routine because he says he is “extremely prone to procrastination”. In the little down time he has, he uses it to spend time with his family and dog. Along with spending time with his family. He has stated that the only real thing he considers a hobby is gaming.

Dinh has been thinking about college and which one to go to. He claims that “I never traveled enough as a child and I need to do more of it as I get older.” He doesn’t have a dream college. However, he would like to go abroad to study.

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