Michelle To, club president of Silver Creek’s Lion Dance Club

To smiling at the camera while at school.
Photo Credit: Michelle To

By: Toby Bon

SAN JOSE, CALIF.––With the arrival of a new president of Lion Dance Club at Silver Creek, Michelle To, a junior, has risen up to take the seat.

To said that she fell in love with the art of lion dancing and wanted to learn more and teach others about it when she joined in 2021. With the founding officers of the club graduating that year, positions in the club were open. Realizing that they needed new club members to step up, To wanted to apply. She then received encouragement from her friends and the founding officers that helped her have the courage to be president.

In lion dance club, To’s favorite role is playing instruments and dancing as head player. She explains that learning new routines and dances are fun and exciting to her. Next year when she is a senior, To says she will reapply for president one last time and try to make the volleyball team. 

In middle school, To started playing volleyball since her friends at the time got her interested in it. She then tried out in 8th grade, but the season was cut short due to Covid-19. To then tried out for the team and made it, regaining her love for volleyball. To enjoys swimming, hiking, nature, roller skating, video games, and photography. She likes building things from scratch and having them displayed in her bedroom. To also participates in photography class, wanting to learn more about how to take pictures.

The new schedule for Silver Creek conflicts with To’s activity schedule. Having made the team and gained the president position, the schedule prevents her from participating more. Everyday To has volleyball practice from 4:20 to 6:30 PM and for Lion Dance club she has practice on Wednesday from 3 to 5 PM, Friday 4:30 – 6:30 PM, along with Saturday 9-11. This causes her to miss Friday practice and one hour from Wednesday practice for Volleyball. To wishes that the schedule was just the same from previous years saying that it messes up more than just practice and sports but even homework.

After graduating from high school, To says she would want to pursue a field where she can help animals, like being a veterinarian. To would love to go to UC Davis but says that she will most likely have to go to community college and then transfer. She also wants to travel the world to experience new sights and even learn to be a bartender. “I may want to go even farther into lion dancing and photography.” she said.

During the first meeting on October 7, To expressed her emotions regarding the meeting at the time. “I am genuinely surprised at how many people showed up to our meeting on October 7th. I didn’t expect that many people to show up and I am so happy they were interested in the club.” she said. She then explained that she was nervous and wanted to make a good impression because it was the first meeting. To was extremely excited when she saw how many people were interested in the club. To really adores the club and finds that being president is a very important role. “As president I want to take their time and use it wisely to help them learn everything they can.” To spoke. 

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