Ashrith Krishnam: Silver Creek fitness club social media manager and student powerlifter

Ashrith Krishnam lifting 120 kg.
Photo Credits: Ashrith Krishnam’s parents

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Ashrith Krishnam might look like a normal senior in highschool, however, he is also a powerlifter and the social media manager of Silver Creek’s fitness club.

As the Silver Creek fitness club social media manager, Krishnam is tasked with taking care of the fitness page on Instagram as well as helping promote the club around school. Krishnam first started his weightlifting journey two years ago, in December 2020. He became interested in weights after seeing his friend’s transformation videos on social media and hearing about him going to the gym..

At first, Krishnam first started to lose motivation when those around him started to make racist remarks towards him such as many people telling him to give up as there were multiple stereotypes against Indians saying they have, “bad genetics.” Pushing through these negative comments, Krishnam stuck through his training where he eventually competed in multiple powerlifting meets in the next following years.

After winning his first ever meet on August 21, 2022 he decided to take on the title of being the Silver Creek fitness club social media manager. He was placed in charge of the SCHS FC Instagram account in order to help promote the club on a higher level. In an interview with Krishnam, he stated, “To be honest, balancing the gym/powerlifting as well as finishing my college applications is really hard, but it’s worthwhile because it’s fun.”

Although Krishman does enjoy the gym and his weightlifting activities outside of school, it isn’t the only activity that he likes to do. He also has a variety of interests such as being well versed with Rubik’s cube solving, checking his stocks, playing with his dog and going out with friends to eat as he’s bulking and relies on a high calorie intake in order to better apply powerlifting techniques throughout his training session.

In his free time, Krishnam likes to play video games as well as go to the gym with his friends. After high school, Krishnam plans on continuing to pursue his hobbies in powerlifting while going to college to major in business and economics.

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