Lindsey Graham 15 weeks abortion bans

SAN JOSE, CALIF. —  On September 27, 2022, Senator Lindsey Graham proposed a bill about abortion being banned after 15 weeks of pregnancy. This bill sparked many controversies across both social media and many political groups.

(Senator Lindsey Graham Giving a speech at Iowa Republican Party)
From: Wikimedia

The proposed bill would allow exceptions, such as saving women’s lives or pregnancies from rape and incest. Aside from that, there were no other exceptions for fetal abnormalities, which could make much greater risk like down syndrome, or frequent headaches and blurred vision. This could also affect older women because older women’s pregnancies often tend to be more delayed and come with many fatal risks.

Twenty-seven out of thirty female students in Silvercreek are concerned about this ban. Many students are concerned about this ban because they said it might affect them or their children in the future.)

The Bill Affects Overall

This bill could heavily affect the abortion ban across many states, especially in blue states. It could also ban abortion in blue states with protecting abortion rights law. This bill could affect not only the blue states but the country as a whole. As we know the states that have banned abortion had a rise in maternal deaths by 24 percent. This is not the only impact that the abortion ban could bring as the abortion ban increase in more states, there is a significant increase in women’s labor force participation.

(Picture of senator Lindsey Graham)
From: Wikimedia

Will This Bill Become a Law?

To simply answer this question is no because both the President is a Democrat and the Senate and House are in a Democrat majority. This bill most likely will not become law. But Graham also states that this will be a long campaign, so there might be a slim chance that it will come true.
(3 out of 16 students from Silver Creek think that the bill might come true. The students that think it might come true because they said it was a long campaign so there might be a higher chance of it becoming a law in the future.)

This bill overall may not come true because of the problems it could bring. But nothing is guaranteed until the supreme court makes its decision.

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