Thailand daycare shooting massacre with 38 dead, 23 being children

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – On October 6, 38 dead bodies were found, 23 being children, at a Nong Bua Lamphu daycare in Thailand after a brutal massacre.

According to the authorities, the culprit was identified as a fired police officer who had committed just after brutally murdering his family. The culprit having been released from his job just one year prior for drug allegations. 

With most of the victims being stabbed in their sleep, some were shot at in the rampage. The place of the crime having been a daycare, the children victims were at most five years of age. The culprit was allegedly in a blinded rage after not finding his child there at the daycare leading to the rampage. The scene of the crime being at nap time for the little children. 

His first victims being school officials, he then broke into the school premises and went into a killing spree. The weapon being a legally obtained gun, surprising as Thailand has a strict policy on owning firearms, but not that surprising when considering ownership is common in Thailand. 

Due to the high death toll, this case has been called one of the worst in history involving children. Being just behind the summer camp killing spree in Norway in 2011, 69 killed. 

Location of the shooting – Nong Bua Lamphu daycare 

Credits; Wikipedia / Wikimedia Maps

Thailand officials were expected to attend the memorial of the victims on Friday, October 7. With nearby neighbors leaving offerings to the deceased. Those related to the victims were seen mourning with little being appeased. Photos of the crime were plastered all over the internet, little bodies wrapped in blankets making a gruesome scene.  

Criticism was sent CNN’s way when they were captured on film trespassing on the crime scene during the investigation. CNN having had pulled a story on the matter. An apology was sent the public’s way in a tweet. In a related matter, a CNN reporter on the scene of the crime was caught by authorities climbing a fence with their partner outside to catch a scoop.

The memorial was attended by the Thailand prime minister, sending messages of appeasement to the families of the victims. Flags have been lowered as a sign of respect for the deceased. “I feel so bad for the family. My condolences to them.” says SC freshman, Han Nguyen. 

A two week period has passed since the tragic deaths. Ever since the discovery of the bodies, mourning has been spread all over. Especially with how common school shootings are when they’re happening everywhere. Schools, all over the world, have been victims of threats and shootings, us included with a few close calls as covered in the Raider Review prior.

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