Amazing Performances Done by The Weeknd as He is on His Biggest Tour Yet

The Weeknd’s opening appearing as he sings Alone Again.
Photo taken by me on August 27, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Abel Tesfaye, also known as very popular pop artist, The Weeknd, has recently gone on his largest tour this past summer, touring stadiums all around the U.S. and some parts of Canada. 

The Weeknd had originally released his tour dates and tickets back in the beginning of 2020, and unfortunately, because of the pandemic this tour was postponed for a little more than 2 years. When The Weeknd had finally released his upcoming tour dates again, fans, including myself, were extremely eager to be able to buy these tickets and finally experience the show. On Saturday, Aug. 27, The Weeknd arrived in the Bay Area and held his concert at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Hearing that he was coming to perform near me, I went ahead and purchased my tickets once they went on sale. He now has 7 albums released and his setlist included music from all 7 albums. 

As someone who is a very big Weeknd fan, I have listened to the majority of his music. Considering this I think Abel and his team did an amazing job picking out the 29 songs he performed while on stage. As the concert started at 6:30 PM, openers Mike Dean and Snoh Aalegra performed separately until about 8:00 PM. It wasn’t until 9 PM when The Weeknd had finally made his appearance. And his opening was breathtaking as he performed Alone Again, the opening song on his After Hours album. As I was standing there, the stadium was filled with people singing and flashing lights. As the concert continued he sang some of my favorite songs such as Party Monster, Kissland, The Morning, and Low Life. 

I enjoyed every moment and every song that he sang. Even if you are that big of The Weeknd fan, the way the lights, the stage, and the audience hyped every song up was perfect. The energy was loud and the atmosphere was life experiencing. Abel is an amazing artist and even performed older songs for his one day fans. I would recommend everyone to try and see him live at least once in their lifetime. His concert was unforgettable. 

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