NIKI’S long awaited ‘Nicole Tour’ finally begins!

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Pop sensation, Niki, kicks off The Nicole Tour with stunning performances. Starting on Sept. 17, Niki is going all around the world for her 2022-2023 tour. With her newly released single, ‘High School in Jakarta,’ releasing just over a month ago on August 5, 2020.

With the concert consisting of tons of busying covers and her own written songs, you won’t be bored. Especially with so many great songs, the excitement just won’t stop. Let’s just hope you get yourself a great spot in the crowd!

However, sadly enough, she has already had her scheduled concerts closest to Silver Creek so she may not be in town for quite a while. But if you’re traveling to another state, now would be the best time to get tickets before they sell out. Get tickets while you still can! The nearest to Silver Creek being about 300 miles away at The Wiltern in Los Angeles located at Koreatown. With just an eight hour drive, the concert is just 20 days away, Oct. 22. 

Indonesian singer-songwriter, Nicole Zefanya, known by her alias NIKI, surfaced during the mid-2010s for her talent in songwriting. With her Youtube channel, where she posted covers of her singing, rising in popularity at the time, gaining her over 400 thousand subscribers. She released her first ever single, EP Zephyr, in just May of 2018 with her label 88rising.

Zooming into stardom, she started getting into music by the time she learned her multiples. She first produced a song by the time she hit fourth grade, saying she could still recite the lyrics but they ultimately meant nothing yet. She dipped her toes into the music industry at the age of just thirteen years of age. Her music, being heavily influenced by her mother introducing her to tons of R&B. Having been born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia since her birth, she later moved to Nashville, Tennessee for college. 

Niki at an interview in 2022 with Najwa Shihab. (Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Being called Indonesia’s “Princess of R&B,” she is known for her amazing vocals and her music style which was inspired by 90s glossy R&B. Singing alongside her in 88rising are: Joji, Jackson Wang, Chungha, BIBI, etc. Before having joined 88rising, she had independently released two singles in 2017; ‘Polaroid Boy’ and ‘Anaheim.’

Let’s hope you’re able to keep up with the fun! If you’re going, you’re sure to have fun so store your energy til’ then! With tickets just costing $143 dollars, for just that price you can be having the time of your life. Let’s see what Silver Creek says about this matter. “Her music really pulls me in, it’s like she can read my soul.” says Tran Le, a SC freshman. “I might go, I mean I am going to L.A. next month so might as well.”

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