Jasmine Sessoms, a tiny girl ready to take on the world!

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Jasmine Sessoms, a sophomore at Silver Creek, is a rising force in journalism after being published twice this summer in the Mercury News. 

Sessoms outside (Photo Credit: Jasmine Sessoms)

Last year after being the Raider Reviews OP/ED editor, Sessoms was given the opportunity to participate in a Summer Workshop called Mosaic. Sessoms, along with 15 other participants, spent two weeks at San Jose State being mentored by professional journalists. In the end, she produced 2 articles, ‘Teens harassed while playing online games’ and ‘Opinion: Immigrant elders should accept that respect needs to be earned’. 

Sessoms decided to do Mosaic as a test run to see if journalism could be something that she would pursue in the future and to, “Have a feel of what it’s like in a journalism environment.” She says the best part of the experience was getting to meet new people and enhancing her public speaking skills. “I find that a really big accomplishment for me because I’ve always been anxious to be put on the spot and feeling pressure in whatever I’m doing.”

For this school year, Sessoms is not taking Journalism at Creek but decided to do Mosaic Vision, which is a continuation of the Summer program. 

Her biggest inspiration is her mom, who raised her as a single mother for many years. Sessoms hopes to make her proud in the future. “She couldn’t work, raise me and attend college at the same time; so she had to stop her education for me. I want to be able to repay her for all the sacrifices she has made for me.”

Sessoms has two dogs, Pino and Cody, who she absolutely adores, and a cat named Luna which technically is not hers as it is a stray but she likes to think of her as such.

Outside of academics, Sessoms is an avid video game player, part of what inspired her to write her article during the summer. Her favorite game is Valorant, which she has been playing for around two years. She also does kajukenbo, a mix of martial arts, and has done it since she was 7 or 8 and is a black belt. Sessoms also often volunteers with Silver Creeks Key club. 

Sessoms dogs, Pino (left) and Cody (Right). (Photo Credit: Jasmine Sessoms)

Her hobbies include crocheting and drawing, both she loves to do when she isn’t stressed out of playing Valorant. She only picked up crocheting last year so says she is still a beginner but is determined to learn more. 

Sessoms says that the simple things make her happy, like taking a three-hour nap or seeing her dogs. As an older sister, she loves annoying her younger sister, but when her sister retaliates she does not find it funny then. 

Some advice Sessoms would give to underclassmen, even though she says she is only a sophomore and has a long way to go is “I guess my advice is to be ready to adjust to changes in your life. But being patient with yourself and your progress also plays a big role in adjustment.”

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