Madison Lee: high school student by day and pharmacy technician by night   

By Jasmina Lara on Sept. 20, 2022

Lee posing in the sunlight.
Photo Credits: Madison Lee

SAN JOSE CALIF. – Madison Lee is a senior at Silver Creek High School, who works as a registered pharmacy technician at CVS in Target. 

As a pharmacy technician, Lee assists the main pharmacist and she packages the medication as well as organizes and files things around the pharmacy, but she isn’t allowed to prescribe the medication. Lee applied on a job website, like the website Indeed, and the only requirement was being 16-years-old. 

On a typical long shift day, Lee would get there at 9:50 or 10 a.m. The first thing she does is RTS, returning to the stockpile, which is taking out all the old medication patients didn’t pick up and scanning it to put it back into stock. Lee does check out the medication to patients, and checks if they have tried the certain medication before. And she asks if they want to review it with the pharmacist. Lee is also able to check in patients who are getting a vaccine. 

For Lee, being a pharmacy technician is the first step into the health care system since she wants to do something in the medical field as her career. Lee is grateful for her manager because they are really flexible with her schedule and are understanding that Lee is starting to apply for colleges. Lee states “I split my week into two days for tennis and tried to fill in the rest of my week for work.” With her schedule, she is able to manage doing school work, playing tennis, and having free time to hangout with her friends and family. 

For her own time Lee has hobbies like tennis which she loves the team aspect of and she is part of Silver Creek’s Girl tennis team. Lee also invests a lot of her time doing art like drawing and painting. After high school Lee wants to find a college on the East Coast and is considering double majoring in Art and Science.

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