CA Heatwave affecting many people, will this continue?

SAN JOSE, CALIF. —  Starting on September 4 to September 9, the California heat wave caused many issues affecting many students due to not having access to AC. If the heat continues in San Jose will it continue to be a big problem for students?

The weather has reached skyrocketing numbers in the past few days and it’s a record-breaking heatwave. The highest recorded heat wave in San Jose was 108 degrees back in 2017, and it’s been surpassed with 109 degrees in 2022. Not much has changed, but it’s still causing more heat problems.

Photo credit: Free stock Adobe Photos
Photo caption: The rising heat

 During the heatwave, many outdoor school activities were moved to other dates due to the scorching heat. As for many P.E classes, teachers had to adjust their regular schedule for students to either sit under shade or do fewer activities than usual.

This situation caused the inconvenience of students being mentally affected by the heat or stressed and annoyed this year. Alexis Romero, a Silver Creek student, said “My power went off at home, I was not able to finish assignments or start on them. The heat made me more exhausted when I got home. Hopefully, the Heatwave will change and not come back.”

There were places that were offered to families, who the heat wave had affected and there was nowhere to go and escape the heat. These places such as buildings with air conditioning, libraries, and malls.

The heat wave caused many fast food joints and supermarkets to lose power. Which affects students from going to those places and getting their necessities. The blackouts also cause AC, and WI-FI to go out which troubles students who need to work on any assignments and those who aren’t able to get them done. This can lead a student to fall behind on any work. 

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