Top Gun: Maverick: a sequel that’s arguably better than the original

By Gabryela Reynoso

Sept. 7, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Movie lovers have raved over the Top Gun sequel that finally released a whopping 36 years later; some debate, saying it may be even better than the original. 

The 1986 hit, “Top Gun,” is undoubtedly a classic when it comes to 80s movies, however the impact it had on the U.S. Navy continues to be an underrated discussion point when it comes to the film. “According to the US Navy, the box office success of ‘Top Gun’ saw their recruitment rates balloon by a massive 500% in the year following the original movie’s release.” After having done so well and been beneficial to the U.S. military, Paramount Pictures saw a (long overdue) sequel fit for their next blockbuster film. 

“Top Gun: Maverick,” the sequel, reached theaters May 27, 2022 and since then has not left to this day. Many former Top Gun fans were positively ecstatic to see the long awaited film especially since it was starring the main character from “Top Gun,” Tom Cruise, who appears to have barely aged since the first film. “Top Gun: Maverick” has undisputedly surpassed “Top Gun” in terms of box office funds with a staggering 1.355 billion USD while the 1986 film made 357.3 million USD.

The sequel essentially centers around Maverick and his career as a U.S. naval aviator despite the many teammates he has lost due to the dangers. One of them being Goose who’s son, Rooster, played by Miles Teller, enlists in the Navy to follow in his dads footsteps. Rooster gets placed in an elite naval unit under the name: Top Gun, where the best of the best are tasked with a nearly impossible mission. Their mission leader is revealed as none other then the renowned “Maverick” who coaches them as they embark on the most difficult mission they’ve faced yet. 

Despite the amazing storyline, killer reviews, and well-known prequel, many fans believe that the movie received most of its buzz because of the man himself who played Rooster. Specifically during the recreation of the “Top Gun” beach scene that was trending on social media because of Teller’s appeal. 

Overall many “Top Gun” fans agreed that the sequel was such a big hit because of its intense plot and overall resemblance to the first movie. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the sequel by far was a favorite earning it a staggering 96% on the Tomatometer compared to the prequel that received a 58%. One Silver Creek high school senior, Savanna Kowalski, says she enjoyed the movie because of, “the roller coaster of emotions present and its similarity to the first movie.” 

“Maverick” and “Rooster” side by side in the new “Top Gun: Maverick” film.
Photo Credit: Koimoi

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