How Ms. Buena’s teachers inspired her to teach

Buena posing in front of a tree.
Photo Credits: Marianne Buena

By Audrey Huynh 

Sept. 8, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — English student teacher, Marianne Buena, desires to create an environment in the classroom, in which students can have fun and create a memorable school year while simultaneously learning. 

The decision to become a teacher stemmed from the AP Language teacher she had in her junior year of high school. The way the teacher managed and taught the class was a new and innovative experience for Buena. Each week, she would get placed in a group to practice writing about current world events or analyze a picture’s message. The way the class was interactive made writing an enjoyable task and less intimidating. 

“With that said, Ms. Scoffield’s way of managing and teaching the class has inspired me to teach, where students can have fun and still learn,” states Buena, speaking about her AP Language teacher.

During her time in a community college, Buena’s English professor also impacted her decision to eventually begin teaching. The professor was committed to attempting to help her students write better. “No one’s writing is the best. It is fluid. It will not always be at its best, and it will not always be at its worst either.” The way the professor proclaimed this helped Buena realize that writing was not something that should be feared or dreaded, but a way to express her observations, opinions and beliefs. Buena wants to transfer that realization to her own students. She wants to help them welcome writing instead of dreading it.

English also aided Buena in discovering more about herself. As an assignment in community college, she had to interview a relative on their immigration journey to the U.S.. Although she was required to construct and write a nine-page essay, which was no easy task, Buena felt like the assignment was more for herself, not the grade. In addition to learning where her family came from and how they reached the present day, Buena also gained empathy.

Buena has since transferred to SJSU, where she spends her time as a student when she is not a Silver Creek student teacher. She decided to move because it was closer to her home, and it would be easier for her to get into their credential program after she finishes her undergraduate. The university is also deep in the Bay Area, and there are lots of food and new activities to try and experience.

When not in the role of a student or teacher, Buena enjoys playing with her one-year-old puppy, Tobi. Tobi loves to play soccer, and acts as the goalie when Buena kicks the ball. Assisting her older sister to teach Tobi new tricks provides Buena with a sense of satisfaction. It affirms that she has patience to wait through the entire process of learning something new. In addition to that, some of Buena’s hobbies include thrifting, reading, journal writing and scrapbooking.

Buena has reached and gone beyond her goal of creating a fun learning environment many of her students claim. Students describe her as bubbly, kind and easy to talk to.

“I love the way she teaches. I feel like I pick up the new material so quickly because of her explanations, and she’s super kind!” an anonymous Silver Creek student praises.

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