Mary Nguyen starts fresh junior year

Sept. 7, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF- Mary Nguyen, a courageous student at Silver Creek High School, is now striving to be successful after learning from her past mistakes. 

Nguyen grew up in San Jose, Calif. with her family where she would later discover some of her new interests such as reading, an interest she discovered when she was very young. When asked why she decided to pick up the first book she says it was like a moment that every kid probably experienced. She picked it up because she was intrigued when she saw illustrations in the book. Ever since she was a little girl, she has developed a passion for reading, like “Omniscient Reader” by SingShong, a webcomic that she has recently finished. When asked what about the book interested her, she said the action.

One of the most memorable moments for Nguyen was going on a road trip to Sacramento to visit family, where she ate Vietnamese food and had conversations with her family. A family member that she loved dearly was her dog, Anzi, who ran away at the age of 1 when Nguyen was in elementary school. Nguyen describes this as a low point in her life. She compares it to losing a close friend or family member. . She described Anzi as a happy, energetic dog that kept her company and made her excited to come home.

This is a photo of Nguyen’s dog Anzi.
Photo credits: Mary Nguyen

After graduation, she would like to pursue her dreams of attending a four-year university near home to stay close to family and friends. When it comes to majors, she is still indecisive but one of her top options is computer science due to the plethora of options that stem from it… Currently, she is taking many Advanced Placement (AP) classes to complete university credits.  When asked if the future worries her, Nguyen denies it since she knows that she has support from family and friends to get through it. When it comes to family, Nguyen says that something that reassures her is that her parents want her to follow her dreams and not to pursue something that will dampen her happiness. . Another reason she strives for success is that her parents are always motivating her to do better. Nguyen says she’s proud of herself and will continue to do whatever it takes until she reaches her dreams.

 Aside from her accomplishments in school, something that she has learned is letting things lay off for too long. Ever since she has resolved that issue she’s been great and is ready to start fresh. Nguyen, who would describe herself as an introvert, is proud of herself for being social.  If she had to give advice to someone she would say, “If you’re given an opportunity to do things better go for it”.

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