Tehya Guerrero: the 2-in-1 secretary

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Through expressing her interests in activities here at Silver Creek, Tehya Guererro has made a name for herself by becoming an active officer in two clubs, which provide great opportunities and environments that she is passionate about.

A photo of Tehya Guerrero, blissfully enjoying the Hawaiian sea breeze
Photo credit: Tehya Guerrero

Guerrero is the officer of two clubs here at Silver Creek: SCHS Kpop club and Watch Me Grow. 

SCKP is a club that bonds over its love for the music genre, perform dances for events, as well as hosts bonding events. Watch Me Grow club trains and shapes others into becoming role models for children. They provide great volunteer opportunities and mentorships to do fun activities with kids. 

Holding the secretary position in both clubs, Guererro states, “In SCKP, I’m in charge of keeping track of practice days on the calendars, senior stole hours, and any information collecting tasks. An example of that would be forms and such.” 

For Watch Me Grow, her tasks are similar to what she does in SCKP. She puts together the meeting documents, as well as keeps track of the senior stoles. As for how long she’s participated in these clubs, she has been in SCKP since her freshman year, and Watch Me Grow since her junior year, as it was created during the 2021-2022 school year. 

What drove her to join these specific clubs though, was her self-expression. “For SCKP, I had an interest in K-pop, dancing, and meeting others who had a similar interest. Watch Me Grow was centered around pediatrics which was a profession I was interested in.”

Guerrero finds that academics are very important when it comes to school, and being an officer for two clubs does become a handful. “As a senior, I try to maintain my grades at a stable level.

SCKP is a high-maintenance club with continuous weeks of practice and multiple events a year, so if needed, I take some time away from club activities in order to focus on school work. Watch Me Grow is less time-consuming and I haven’t run into any issues yet.”

Guerrero finds that both clubs benefit her not only interest-wise but also academic-wise. In Kpop club, she’s able to perform with friends and can express herself without the judgment of others.

Guerrero recommends joining SCKP and Watch Me Grow due to the different factors each one holds. 

“If you like K-pop definitely consider joining SCKP. We have events like bondings where you’re able to meet new people that have a common interest. I highly encourage you to join one performance as you might actually enjoy performing on stage; there are many opportunities to join a performance! If you are interested in pediatrics, kids, or medicine, join Watch Me Grow! It’s an easy way to gain volunteer hours and to work with kids and has a very welcoming environment.”

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