Why news matters

April 27, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — From absurd celebrity scandals to many environmental crises, news has been up and running on our devices 24/7 to keep us updated about events that are current in the world. 

Throughout time, news has become an important source of information that we’ve relied on and what we use to spread messages nationwide. News has evolved from television, to now social media platforms due to the constant technological changes that are being made in this world.

Just a few weeks ago, I was scrolling through TikTok, when I came across a group of scientists that go by “scientists rebelling,” chaining themselves to a Chase Bank in Los Angeles protesting about the bank’s continued funding of fossil fuels. NASA scientist, Dr. Peter Kalmus, was one of the many scientists that chained themselves to the bank. Kalmus stated, “I’m desperate. I’m desperate for something to be done about climate breakdown. It’s getting so bad. I’ve tried to do so many things already and nothing has worked.” This news has influenced not only myself, but other people’s thinking. Important messages like these are spread worldwide to educate us about what is ahead of us if we do not change our ways. 

Kalmus chained up to a Chase Bank. (Photo courtesy: Lara Agpoon)

When COVID-19 cases had terrifying death rates rising, it caused us to quarantine ourselves. I watched and read many news articles looking for any updates regarding COVID. WHO (The World Health Organization) was one of many health websites written by doctors and scientists that informed their readers how to stay safe. Articles that have been thoroughly researched and verified can help people stay safe and aware of their surroundings. 

News has played a major part in today’s society by simply spreading awareness about events that are far from our reach. 

More information about climate change: https://www.nrdc.org/stories/global-climate-change-what-you-need-know

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