Why is news important?

By Amelia Leson

May 10, 2022


SAN JOSE, CALIF.- News matters because it acts as many things to how we know what’s going on and on facts about new items and places. Beyond its relevance news has been around since 59BCE and is still present to this day.

Picture by Royalty Free pictures

Many people dismiss news as worthless or unimportant, yet the definition is information that’s not previously known to the reader. It comes from reports either printed on paper or posted online, even posts about birthdays or pets count as news. 

There are many benefits of being informed about news universally.What if there was a shooting occuring at the mall and the culprit wasn’t caught. What if you were planning on going to that mall the following day? It could have put you and many others at risk if you weren’t aware. 

News reveals how an issue could personally affect you and sometimes it can help you determine how to avoid or stop it. It has information from politics to health all around your local community. This helps everyone take action, such as volunteering for a cause or participating in protests. 

News is not just gossip, it can also display  how legislation is changing.Abortion laws are a great example as they are currently being overturned by the supreme court. News like this is all over outlets.

Furthermore, news helps you understand the circumstances better so you’re able to problem-solve.The only downside to some news stories is that sometimes it can’t always be credible. There are solutions to find out if certain news are credible or not, you compare a claim to other claims to see if it is similar. Some instances of the more credible sources are the BBC, NPR and Associated Press. 

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