The Importance of News

By Veena Mahalingam


SAN JOSE, CALIF.–There are many things that happen all around the world on a daily basis. There need to be ways to keep everyone informed on all the significant events and that’s what the news is for. Without it, there wouldn’t be a quick and efficient way to know what’s currently happening.

The news updates everyone constantly on daily events. For example, if there’s a huge problem, people want to be updated on it so there’s daily news. Daily news stations are watched by millions of people worldwide. It’s mainly to inform the public about events that could affect them too. A couple examples of events that are currently happening on daily news include the Russia-Ukraine war and even the Met Gala.

The news could also be for entertainment purposes too. There are many genres and some include entertainment or sports. If there’s an award show or football game coming up, there are articles that talk about it. People also summarize trending tv shows, movies or famous books. When it comes to celebrities, the public wants to know what goes on in their lives and news provides that information.

News can make people feel connected to one another. It allows us to know what happens around the world, even when we’re far away. It gives people a perspective of each other’s cultures and differences. It has entertainment, educational and informative purposes. Since there are so many things happening constantly, everyone should watch the news to have a general understanding of what is happening in the world.

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