Why I Took Journalism

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — As an avid “Gilmore Girls” fan, I chose to take Journalism for my freshman elective because it played a significant part in my life. It introduced me to reporting and taught me to enrich my love for writing. To wrap up my first year of the class, I realized what I found was a gem of a class that has taught me lifelong learning experiences. 

Person reading newspaper
Photo credit: Mattias Diesel via Unsplash

Any fans of “Gilmore Girls” would understand the influence of Rory Gilmore. Gilmore is a driven and brilliant writer, who also aspires to be a journalist. She was a staff writer for her high school paper and I was intrigued by the environment. I wanted to learn media literacy and keep the community informed because media outlets play an important role in our cultural and political beliefs. In society, news is posted daily to fuel our curiosity and entertainment. 

In the beginning, I learned the rules of AP style. It was something I’ve never been introduced to before, which I now understand that the style is convenient for both writers and readers. Interviewing definitely took me out of my comfort zone sometimes, but the class gave me an opportunity to conduct good interviews and practice my communication skills by talking to new people. Journalism also drives me to attend school events I wouldn’t attend otherwise. 

I learned that embracing criticism only leads to improvement. Without feedback, I wouldn’t be able to grow or find my faults. It gives me a new perspective and approach to my work. I also get to notice things I missed or never considered. Moreover, I learned how to write more concisely. 

Initially, I didn’t have many expectations because I wasn’t familiar with the workplace. I am glad I chose this elective-it is a flexible and comfortable work environment. In this class, I never feel forced with what I’m writing because I write in a variety of genres towards topics I’m interested in. 

You can use class time to write, or like me, if you concentrate better alone, you can do other classes’ homework. While writing, you can listen to music or chat with friends. The class atmosphere is lighthearted, the staff writers are kind and witty. From this, I’ve befriended a lot of lovely people. It’s also a good elective to hone your writing skills or get better at working under the pressure of deadlines. These skills are essential in the long run because they’re applicable in school and work. All in all, I think that journalism is an important experience for high school students. It teaches the essentials of communication and writing. Knowing how to express yourself clearly is invaluable knowledge that will benefit you even outside of an academic environment. 

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