Why News Matters

A picture of a newspaper. Photo Credits: Cottonbro/Pexels

SAN JOSE CALIF.— One of the most important reasons why news is important is that current events help students understand the world. In response to news, we take action and make choices based on how we perceive the world to be. By reading or watching the news, students can formulate their own opinions on issues and be aware about what is happening around them. 

News outlets and social media have contributed to the explosive growth of fake news stories and false information for years. Fake news can have very real and dangerous consequences. The belief in fake news can create both positive and negative repercussions. A popular fake news story can result in violent action and fatal consequences. Fake news gets shared because it’s often inflammatory in some way, making it exciting and worth talking about. 

A person reads a newspaper. Photo Credits: Daria Rem/Pexels

Since the arrival of television in the 1950’s, the beginning of decline for newspapers was created . Television has been the leading source of news in the past decades. In recent years, the internet has been the new leading source of news. You can find news on social media, online news articles, etc. Nowadays, some people still choose to read news from newspapers because either they can’t get information anywhere else, it’s a habit, or they don’t like reading or watching from screens. 

Another reason why news matters is because you’re able to find out about information that you were curious about. For example, if you wanted to know the final score of a sports game, you could search up the score on the internet. And for finding out information  about how many people voted for a certain presidential candidate you could search this up through the search bar when opening your browser. . Finding out about information is very simple and efficient in the modern world.

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