OP/ED: Why Did I Take Journalism?

Raider Review logo (Credit: raider-review.com)

By: Max Alexander

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— To be honest, when I entered this school year, I would have never pictured myself enjoying writing more than I already have to do in English. But in some way, I ended up in journalism, a class I didn’t even know existed. 

As a freshman here at Silver Creek, I wasn’t aware of the many classes they offered for students. Coming out of distance learning for my entire middle school life, I was starting to become a techy person, so I selected the classes that are technology related for my elective request. 

When I opened up my schedule for the first time, I was shocked when I saw the big bold letters that spelled out “JOURNALISM” for my sixth period. When I saw that all my friends got the classes that I wanted, I was extremely disappointed. 

When I first walked into journalism, I was greeted with an amazing teacher and classmates. Within a week of the start of the school year, I got to know everyone in the classroom, and it got to the point where I wasn’t afraid to talk to them. I’ve learned a lot about AP style, along with the entire journalism world. I’ve enjoyed my time so much in this class that I want to become a professional sports journalist because of how much I enjoy the “lifestyle” of journalism. 

Would I recommend taking journalism next year? I definitely agree to take this class next year because it teaches so many valuable lessons from meeting strict deadlines, communication and writing skills. From the teaching to the atmosphere inside the classroom, I think that the best choice would be taking journalism next year. 

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