Finding my safe space in the form of a class

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – I couldn’t tell you the exact reason why I wanted to join Journalism. If I look back and try to see why I did join, all I come up with is that I wanted to take it, so I did. I know that doesn’t make much sense; trust me, I don’t understand either.

I remember sitting in my room around January 2021, after a presentation with our counselors, looking at class options and trying to figure out what I would take next year. After checking off the required classes I would have to take, I looked at the list of electives I would get to choose for my Junior year, unsure of what I would choose. I asked around my friend group to see what they were taking and talked it over with my mom. Eventually, I decided on Journalism being my 3rd elective.

I assume my reasoning was probably that I had already taken Journalism in Middle School, so I knew I could do it. I was familiar with Ms. Newray, the journalism advisor, and I also knew my best friend Sylvia was interested in taking the class. We hadn’t had a class together in so long, and this was practically a shoo-in for us to be together. Go read her article ‘My best friend changed my junior year’. 

I never regretted my decision to take this class, and am so grateful to have it on my schedule. I can confidently say that it is my favorite class to attend during the school day, as I am surrounded by the best group of people. On the days when I have absolutely no energy and am just not feeling well, I’m able to let loose while being with my fellow staff members.

I was given the opportunity to write, and produce articles, as well as how to edit others’ work. By being Assistant Editor in Chief, I learned so much about what it takes to run a paper. 

If you are looking for a class where you dictate what you write, how you pace yourself, and are treated like an actual person, I would highly recommend Journalism as an elective at Creek. You meet great people and are given a great opportunity to learn and thrive. 

I hope I’ll see you next year for Journalism ‘22-’23, where you will find Sylvia and I.

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