Class of 2022

Sunny’s top 10 songs of high school

  1. “Infinity (888)” by XXXTENTACION feat. Joey Bada$$. I’ve been listening to this song since the album dropped in 2018. It’s a song that was under the radar for a while and it’ll never get old for me. The beat and the verses made the song memorable for me. #RipXXX
  1. “Wulf Takahashi” by Xavier Wulf. “Project X” was an album that Xavier Wulf dropped in 2015. I’ve been listening to this song since sophomore year and I’ll always play it while driving. The interjections of the show “Initial D” and the car references make it a classic for me.
  1. “Bean (Kobe)” by Lil Uzi Vert feat Chief Keef. This song was one of Lil Uzi’s most anticipated leaked songs to have been released. People were disappointed when it wasn’t in the “Eternal Atake” album, but were pleased when it was in the deluxe album. “Eternal Atake” dropped the day school got shut down because of COVID-19. This makes it a very memorable album for everyone that was in high school during March 2020.  
  1. “Murder She Wrote” by Tay-K. This is another song I’ve been listening to since middle school. Tay-K had one of the rawest flows and was an exceptional lyrcist before he was even 17. The entire album had no misses and it’s unfortunate he unjustly got a long sentence. #FreeTayK. 
  1. “Freshmen List” by NAV. This was a song I had on repeat during my freshman year, even though I had been listening to it throughout middle school. NAV put brown boys on the map and he unfortunately got snubbed for the XXL Freshmen List. 
  1. “First Place” by Polo G feat Lil Tjay. This song had me singing it lyric for lyric when it dropped. It was one of those songs that could get you hyped for anything. One of Polo G and Lil Tjay’s best. 
  1. “March Madness” by Future. This song with its name referencing the NCAA’s March Madness is mandatory to be played every March. This in my opinion is one of Future’s best singles and a classic of his. 
  1. “Disagree” by Duwap Kaine. Even though the first lyric says “F**k school,” I would play this song during school whenever I’d want to wake myself up. The bass and loud beat helped me get through school work. 
  1. “Shook” by Summrs. This is a throwback song to me because it’s one of the first songs I’ve heard by the artist. This song got me into a lot of underground artists and SoundCloud rappers that would go on to work with mainstream artists in the future. This was one of his earliest made songs but he would go on to have an impressive discography. 

     10. “End of the Road” by Juice WRLD. This was another song that carried from middle school to early high school. The whole album was a ten out of ten and had zero misses. This was one of my favorite songs from the album. 

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