Ashley’s Top Ten Songs

By Ashley Nguyen  

May 20, 2022

2022 was a hefty year, but music helped me through all of it. If you spotted me on campus, there are high chances I was tuned out, headphones on, and listening to music. These top ten don’t just represent my taste in music, but music that connected with me during hard times. 

  1. “00:00 (Zero O’ Clock)”-BTS

Contrary to popular belief, I think of this song as a feel good song. I drive a pretty run down old car that doesn’t have an aux so I worked around it. I have the album and put the CD of this album into the player and just replay this song over and over again. It somehow never gets old. 

  1. “Reckless driving (feat. Ben Kessler)”-Lizzy McAlpine 

I listen to this song because I love the artist. I was drawn to her voice, but kept listening to her music because of her lyrics. I normally don’t pay much attention to lyrics, but more to the instrumental. However, with this artist I feel like I’m in a movie, her lyrics feel like a story, but at the same time  a conversation. 

  1. “Angel Baby”-Troye Sivan 

There’s an unbelievable feeling to this song every time it comes on. The whole thing makes me feel like the main character. When it hits the chorus, nothing else matters and I start dancing like crazy. The guitar instrumental is insane and I get so lost in it. 

  1. “Just Be Yourself”-Twice 

I’m absolutely obsessed with Twice, but the love for this song is motivated by something beside that love. I just love the voices in this song. The acoustics was what really drew me in, and it’s a constant repeat in my playlist. 

  1. “20 cm”-TXT

THIS RIGHT HERE IS JUST AN AMAZING SONG. Anyone who listens to TXT knows that their voices are incredibly soothing and majestic. They are one of the best kpop artists out there, and I enjoy almost all their songs. However, this is my favorite song. 

  1. “Who Cares”-Rex Orange County 

This song explains my life motto. When it starts playing, I just get in such a groovy mood and all my worries are left behind. Because, “who cares.” Genuinely, who cares? 

  1. “Leave Your Lover”-Sam Smith 

I get sick of songs very easily. I’ve known this song for years but it will always be my go to sad song. It hits the spot every single time without fail. 

  1. “Apocalypse”-Cigarettes After Sex 

I’ve recently delved into this artists’ work. Many people say their songs sound very similar to each other, and I’m not going to lie, I completely agree. However, this one song just sends me to another planet. It’s an incredibly beautiful song that is just very memorable. 

  1. “If”-Sam Kim 

WHEN YOU THOUGHT THE SAD SONGS WOULD BE OVER, BUT YOU THOUGHT WRONG. This has got to be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever listened to in my life. If there is one song that you have to listen to, it just might have to be this one. When the chorus hits and there is no background noise, just the artist’s isolated voice, it is music to my ears. 

  1. “Alcohol Free”-Twice 

Alcohol Free puts me in a great mood every time. When it’s not summer, this song brings summer to you. It’s a great pick me up song.

Screenshot of Ashley’s 2022 Spotify playlist shown here

Photo Credit: Ashley Nguyen


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