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Tara’s top 10 albums of high school

My top 10 albums of high school 

San Jose, Calif. – High school can be described as many things, like a place to learn or a place to loathe, but for me it was a place to discover and gather. And however vague that sounds, one of the things I have come out with is the music that got me through it all. Here are my top 10 albums that helped me survive and suffer through high school. 

Do note that I am not ranking these on actual merit but more so on my personal opinion and connection to these albums. 

10. “You Forgot It in People” by Broken Social Scene 

This was probably peak teen angst bullsh*t era for me, well thus far anyway. With tracks like “Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl” and “Lover’s Spit” (the one mentioned in Lorde’s song, “Ribs” if that rings a bell) which make this album an essential for anyone who is into rock music who is leaning towards the pop genre. 

9. “F*ck The World” by Brent Faiyaz

Initially I wanted to have an excuse to sit back and listen to music, which led to me writing a review for this album sophomore year. It soon became a favorite while doing a deep dive on the album for the piece. Brent Faiyaz has a distinct groovy sound of R&B, typically related to music that is begging for a lover back or professing the love for a current one, but Faiyaz would rather be caught dead doing either of those. Without paying attention to the lyrics I got lost in the dreamy beats and softness of his voice, only to recognize that this is probably what lulls toxic men to sleep.

Despite such a take, I found myself walking across campus airpods clad listening to “Clouded” and “F*ck the World” at 7am. 

8. “Ctrl” by SZA 

I may or may not have been an ex-stripper but the way I know every song on this album is unbelievable. With the crying on the bathroom floor anthems blended with equally car-scream-sing songs this album is suitable for any and all occasions. My fondest memory of listening to “Ctrl” is singing “Love Galore” with my sister in her car. 

7. “Melodrama” by Lorde 

In the midst of writing this I am realizing that this might just be music for any/all slightly sad teenage girls, but I guess I’ll roll with it. The most prevalent images throughout the album are heartbreak and reckless partying. Neither of which applies to me but was enthralling to listen to regardless, there was no better feeling than walking to class listening to “Supercut” and “The Louvre.” 

6. “Honeymoon” by Beach Bunny 

I love it because this album is emo girl easy listening. It’s just sad enough but veiled in upbeat music. Another one of those things for the girls to be screaming in the car with the windows down. Also a fond memory of when I was driving with friends and then the GPS stopped working and we freaked out. Some favorite songs of mine are “Cuffing Season” and “Cloud 9.” 

5. “Wolf” by Tyler the Creator


Okay, technically I discovered this album in middle school but this one still stuck with me throughout the years. Although it’s not the most relatable to my life, it is what got me into Tyler The Creator’s music. Some of the song subjects do cover topics that are a bit controversial but I fell in love with the production. 

4. “Ego Death” by The Internet

Going down a wormhole of any and all music related to Tyler the Creator and Odd Future, I stumbled upon The Internet. Another collective more centered on R&B and front manned by Syd and producer Matt Martian, with songs like “Palace/Curse” and “Gabby” featuring Janella Monae. 

3. “Mama Said” by Lenny Kravitz

Honestly this one came out of a whim. Like it just occurred to me that I don’t know what Lenny Kravitz music is like and decided to give it a shot. That being said, it became an addiction, with road trip jams like “Fields of Joy” and “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over.” 

2. “Punisher” by Phoebe Bridgers 

Circling it back with more sad girl anthems. Honestly, Punisher is perfect for driving with the windows down to “Kyoto” or slow dancing to “Punishe.r” And there is a vast amount of crying on the bedroom floor, good songs that I cannot get sick of. 

1. “Blonde” by Frank Ocean 

I cannot get tired of this album. Starting in middle school and still on regular rotation, I have come up with a new favorite song every time. Some favorites at the moment are “Self Control” and “Godspeed.” 

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