Class of 2022

My top 10 stuff in life

By Stephanie Gonzalez 

Welcome to the sh*t show starring Stephanie Gonzalez and now today we are counting the top 10 stuff in my life. 

Number 1: DrPepper- Self explanatory. This drink is mostly hated at first but it sneaks up and bites you; and now you’re addicted. This soda goes with anything. Pizza? DrPepper. Chicken nuggets? DrPepper. It’s crisp, delicious, it’s DrPepper.

Number 2: Watermelon- A summer day, a picnic, birthday parties, and watermelon is always there. It’s fresh and sweet, essential. They come in “personal” sizes and “family” sizes, isn’t that just great? This crunchy fruit is always there to complete the perfect gathering. 

Number 3: Fuzzy blankets from Ross- Starting at just six dollars they have the best fuzzy throw blankets. Always coming in clutch with the cutest designs; especially during seasonal times. Trust when you read this, it’s definitely worth the money.

Number 4: Scalp scrubs-  I’ve never used something so refreshing as a scalp scrub. These bad boys will make your head feel so clean and revamped after using it. If you want to add an extra step to your hair care routine; this should be it!

Number 5: Light blue Gatorade- Picture this: it’s a nice spring afternoon and it’s your little league soccer game. Half time is coming up and all you can think about is getting the crisp swig of light blue Gatorade. You’re at the park with friends throwing a picnic and what did you bring… the best gatorade, light blue. 

Number 6: New socks- You know the feeling of a crisp, perfect fit, yeah its new socks. The feeling of freshness and little spark of joy that comes with new socks is amazing. Everyone deserves to experience the new sock feeling. 

Number 7: Sleeping with the fan on- The fact that it’s possible to be comfy with blankets all year round is gold. The fan keeps you and the room cool while the blanket(s) keep the cozyness there. Sleeping with the fan on, gives “the best of both worlds” as lovely Miss Hannah Montana once sang. 

Number 8: Naps- Normally people get these as babies or toddlers, but then they stop. Why? Taking naps can be very beneficial, yes there’s been studies. After a long day at school or work you should take some time to yourself to get some rest and regenerate for the rest of your day. 

Number 9: Tattoos/ Piercings- Being able to express yourself in these artistic ways is so fascinating. People literally make art on others for a living. This can be a very controversial topic but personally tattoos and piercings will always have my vote. Having the freedom and accessibility to do these things is letting people express their creativity.

Number 10: Toasted sourdough bread with butter- Lord have mercy this is the best go to snack. It fits any weather and any mood you could be in. It is the holy grail. The crunch, sweetness, salty flavor from the butter; it’s all perfect. If you ask me my advice would be to take  off the crust. Trust the process. You get so much more enjoyment.

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