“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” (Christal’s Version)

Christal posing for a selfie in the snow. Photo by Christal Tran.

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Class of 2022 senior Christal Tran shares her high school experiences and the life plans she hopes to pursue following her graduation. Tran’s deliberate ambitions keep her on the right pathway of careership and allow her to share extremely helpful advice. 

As a co-president for the Silver Creek UNICEF club and publicist for the Silver Creek Lion Dance Club, Tran prioritizes making every moment count. Participating in Nonfire as a senior particularly highlighted her last year at Silver Creek, allowing her to bond with her classmates and experience adrenaline performing. 

Tran’s time-efficient senior year has improved her work ethic through allowing her to realize that it’s okay to go at a slower pace and take up only what is achievable. She says, “I definitely should’ve prioritized myself and what I can handle more when it came to extracurriculars. I had too many officer positions and responsibilities at the beginning that I was swamped. I wish I dropped a few clubs sooner.” 

Despite having so much experience in the extracurricular department, Tran has always had time for journalism. “I feel like journalism is a really great class where people can really just write and feel vocal about it,” she explains. Tran’s initial impression of journalism wasn’t so fond, but as time passed and people began to get closer, it became “a place and time at the end of the day to bond with others and be a bit loose.” She recommends this class to students interested in newspaper writing, drawing, photography, reviews and making spreads. 

A lot of internships, work and community college is what Tran intends for after her high school graduation. After applying to UC San Diego and UC Irvine last minute, Tran does not recommend procrastinating college applications after experiencing the extreme toll on mental health. She plans to attend De Anza Community College to conserve money and possibly reapply to her chosen UC schools as a business administration major in the future. 

In advice to underclassmen, Tran emphasizes the importance of setting limits and knowing what can be handled. High school opens numerous doors of opportunity, but taking up too many responsibilities is never a good idea. The objective of maintaining grades and being at the top of the game in high school doesn’t defy the extent of fun students can have. 

Tran’s golden words from experience can really boost high school aspects and introduce new ways to work at it. Tran’s future plans and past experiences have built her senior year to be a satisfying year to remember. 

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