A Fond Farewell to Tara Nguyen

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — After four years of writing, editing and overseeing the school paper, Senior Tara Nguyen is bidding farewell to The Raider Review to pursue a degree in journalism at Emerson College in Boston, Mass.

Over the course of her high school career, she has dedicated a part of her study to the pursuit of research and journalist integrity.  Tara has taken on the incredibly difficult position of Editor-In-Chief for two years. This means she oversaw every article that was published and provided feedback for improvements. In her Senior year, she also took on a co-starring role in The Mara Show with Humans of Silver Creek Editor and BFF Mindy Tuong.

On staff since freshman year, Tara Nguyen has been instrumental in keeping the school paper and journalism program alive.  When the program was under threat of cancellation, she rallied her friends to join the class and keep the paper alive.  She wholly embraced the changing of advisors midway through her journalism career at Creek and learned how to advance the paper through its new host, WordPress.

Along with her work at The Raider Review, Tara also participated in several outside journalistic programs–including the MOSAIC Program with The San Jose Mercury where she was published.

Tara commanded the workroom with poise and grace, inviting all members of The Raider Review staff to feel welcome, safe and heard.  

In May, Tara received the English Department Award for challenging herself, and others, through journalism AND her required English courses.  Never one to back down from a challenge, Tara took Advanced Placement and Accelerated English courses where she was quick to transition from MLA to AP style consistently.

“Tara was the only freshman in a class of juniors and seniors, but she proved from the start that she was up for the challenge. I knew from the first year that she would be a great editor-she took journalism seriously, worked hard on every assignment and met every deadline. The Raider Review was lucky that she stayed with it all four years of high school and I couldn’t be more proud of her,” says Mrs. Laurie Weckesser, former Journalism advisor and English teacher.

“She might be small but her words are mighty,” says Ms. Monica Lugo, her Advanced Placement Literature teacher.

“I am so proud to call myself Tara’s friend. I can’t wait to point at her headlines in the news and tell my kid, ‘That’s my bestie!'” says Mindy Tuong.


Thank you for guiding us all, myself included, through this crazy fun class of journalism.  Thank you for all the hardwork and dedication you put into The Raider Review.  

We will miss you next year!

Ms. Newray

The Raider Review Staff 2021-2022

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