Class of 2022

Top ten high school memories

By Yesenia Rocha

May 4, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — High school has been a memory I will never forget in the future because of the memories it held for me. 

My cousin and I taking a picture together
Picture credits: Yesenia Rocha

One memory I will miss is going to the same school as my favorite cousin. We have had so much fun together, sharing a bunch of laughs and being best friends during school and cousins outside of school. 

A significant memory of high school I’ll always keep is high school cheer. Being on the cheer team has shown me a lot of lessons I’ll be able to  use for the future. It was fun learning new things and being around the fun people doing something I love. 

Related to cheer, my third memory was the football game that had the senior night ceremony. Hitting our routine was very memorable for me due to always remembering the adrenaline I had, and also just being recognized that night for all the hard work the seniors have been putting in for all the seasons before. 

Last cheer related memory is the first ever game vs. my last game ever. I was so happy to start off cheer and I always thought I had so much time before high school was over. In the blink of an eye, the last game hit and it was so emotional knowing there was no more high school cheer after this night. 

Covid-19 is one other memory I won’t forget because it made a lot of us seniors miss the middle of our high school experience. Doing school through distance learning was a pain because we weren’t able to connect with friends. Being on lockdown is also another reason that made it worse because we could’n’t go out and have fun like we were supposed to. 

Creekchella is another memory of high school I won’t forget. Before I moved to Silver Creek, my previous school didn’t do something like this. Creekchella was something fun and is an event that makes our school stand out more than others. Another memory I have is when me and my friend planned a way to get out of doing the mile run.  Of course, our teacher knew we would do this often so it unfortunately didn’t work. My close friend and I tried so hard to get out of running and we would always laugh while trying to explain everything.

Getting out of my comfort zone in high school is another memory I won’t forget because it has taught me valuable lessons such as doing what makes me happy. I love being comfortable with myself and doing what I feel is right. Another memory is having a lot of pictures of me and my friends doing fun things. I will always have the chance to look back and try to relive the fun. 

Lastly, my last memory of high school will be the day I graduate. This is going to be very memorable by the simple fact that I’m the only one in my family who was able to graduate. I’ll always look back and be proud of this accomplishment I made. High school has been a fun memory for me and I’m happy I was able to come this far.

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