Passing the mic to Mindy Tuong

May 3, 2022

By Jasmine Sessoms

Mindy Tuong posing for a photo at Silver Creek High School. (Photo Credit: Jasmine Sessoms)

CW: Mentions the topic of suicide

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—Senior Mindy Tuong has established her reputation at Silver Creek as a memorable, enthusiastic singer and friend. Her bubbly personality makes her all the more approachable and easy to talk to, but what goes unnoticed about Tuong is the enormous effort and hard work she’s put into everything she accomplishes. 

Tuong has been a part of journalism for both her junior and senior years of high school as the HOSC (Humans of Silver Creek) editor. In her junior year, she initially felt journalism to be awkward and isolating since it was held online during the pandemic. However, she claims this year’s experience to be “wild.” Tuong comments that she always looks forward to journalism because she’s able to socialize with friends, meet new people, and write about unfamiliar topics every article cycle.  Another highlight she particularly enjoys is her journalism teacher, who is unrestrictive and very laid back in class, just as long as students deliver their work well and on time.

Despite having much charm, Tuong describes her younger years to be difficult, as she experienced a rocky relationship with her parents. They weren’t always around to support and celebrate her achievements, and when they didn’t attend her 6th grade promotion, she realized at a very early age, “If I’m going to live this life, I need to live it for myself and build it for myself.” 

Even when she created this mindset, Tuong was still overwhelmed and suffered extreme suicidal thoughts to the point where shes’ had to have three counselors because of a report of concern for her safety. From this, Tuong is grateful someone did file that report against her because she believes that she would not have been here to experience all the wonderful memories she’s made so far.

Music has created a foundation for Tuong as it helped her transition from middle school to high school. It has allowed her to find an outlet for what she’s been through. And so in middle school, she decided to try out for the talent show. Unfortunately, she wasn’t admitted in. 

However, when she entered high school, she felt that it was an opportunity to start fresh. She auditioned again with a friend who was also into music, and they were successful! Ever since then, the two have created a legacy throughout their high school careers singing and creating music. And even now, they’ve decided to continue their duo act throughout college.

Regarding college, Tuong will be attending UC Riverside due to other universities wait-listing or blatantly rejecting her. Demonstrating her flexibility, she expresses that she’s content with Riverside despite the shade being thrown around about the school. Tuong believes that as long as she takes a step further in her education, she doesn’t mind what college she’s accepted in. 

Reflecting on her past, she advises others who are facing similar adversities “to hang in there.” Despite it being generic, she describes that even though it’s hard to believe when you’re in that place, “it does get better, even if it takes 6, 7, 8 years like it did for me. It did get better, it nearly took half my life, but it got better.” Motivated from the reminiscences of her old self, she sets goals to improve her relationship with her parents, pursue her love for music, continue to love herself, and  overall to have fun in this new beginning she’s been given.

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