Mr. Sandate’s secret to work-life balance

By Nisha Bhilave

SAN JOSE, CALIF.– Mr. Sandate, one of Silver Creek High School’s most adored math teachers, always seems to have the perfect balance between his life as a teacher and his life as a father, son and sibling. 

Both a math and statistics teacher, Mr. Sandate has a huge workload, but he never lets the stress get to him. Consistently cheerful, here are a few ways Mr. Sandate manages to keep up his good attitude.

Mr. Sandate is his classroom, L-12

Mr. Sandate got into teaching math and statistics because they were his favorite subjects growing up. He loved algebra in high school and his passion slowly translated into his dream career. As a teacher, he knew the key to having a successful career was time management. When asked about his time management strategies, he stated that he always tries his best to allocate time for work and for family. He sets aside two hours every day in the evening to plan lessons and grade work for his classes. The rest of the time he strictly saves to spend with his wife and kids. And he loves to spend time with his close relatives, whom he meets with often. 

When faced with challenges at home or in the workplace, Mr. Sandate always tries to keep a clear head. He makes sure to talk out his problems with his wife first and then his siblings. To explain his constant cheerful attitude, he makes a point to never bring his outside challenges into the classroom. He claims that he has two jobs, one as a father, and one as a teacher and they shouldn’t mix. He does not like to burden students with his problems and always wants to show his best side of him.

Overall, Mr. Sandate is a considerate teacher who always tries to do what’s best for both his family and his students and allocate time for each. That is what’s key to the perfect home and work life balance. 

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