VSA Culture show

By: Naimat Davariar

SAN JOSE, CALIF— On April 30th, 2022, Silver Creek High School’s Vietnamese student association performed dances and acts celebrating Vietnamese culture.

VSA showcases the origin of Vietnamese culture at Silver Creek High School. Many students, teachers, and staff attended the event that was presented on Saturday. This will be the third annual culture show at the school and people hope it continues every year. This show was great for really understanding the rich culture and roots of where everything really started. 

The first event started with the lion dance club. Loud drums were being played throughout the entire event while many colorful lions were dancing. Two people were in each lion but everyone was shocked with what they were doing. All three lions were in sync and doing difficult moves while still matching everyone’s steps. 

The second event was a woman singing in Vietnamese. Her voice was very forthcoming and so peaceful. Out of nowhere, two women take her place and start doing a hip-hop dance. They put a lot of swagger with their moves, showing what they’re all about. Everyone was screaming with joy because they were owning the stage. After seeing how the crowd reacted, it was such a nice and friendly atmosphere. Mr. Jung, a teacher at Silver Creek High School, attended the event and commented, “I’m always impressed when I go to events such as this one. I get to learn what the kids are all about besides just being a student. You get to really experience a different side of them. My favorite thing was when they spun the white flag and did cool fluid motions all together.”

To end it off, a skit was being played by a boy and girl. He offers an onion to the girl but the exchange is that he gets a date with her. During the date, they saw a group of girls dancing and many more cultural Vietnamese dances came in. The only problem for the two to not be together is because they’re family business rivals. A hat was a big thing they were using while dancing. All the dancers were wearing very cool traditional Vietnamese clothing. During the play, they used a lantern and set them out on water. This signifies honoring your ancestors when doing that act. The Vietnamese student association performed well and will continue to do so every year.

The lion dance act (Photo credit: Naimat Davariar)

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