Coachella meets Silver Creek: Creekchella 

By Ashley Nguyen 

April 28, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Coachella, a famous music and arts festival hosted in Indio, California, meets Silver Creek High School for Creekchella on May 20th. 

Coachella is a highly anticipated music festival for people all around the world that have a love for music, fashion, partying, and all sorts of weekend fun. The festival is on for two weekends from Friday-Sunday. Besides the main event with many beloved artists, there are rides and food from the country’s most famed restaurants.

Silver Creek’s rendition of Coachella, Creekchella, includes acts from their very own Silver Creek students! Acts include singing, dancing, etc. And a very important part of that day is dressing up for the occasion. Some common Coachella attire are biker, surfer, and beach type wear like bandanas, sandals, rompers, and skirts. Silver Creek High School replicates this for Creekchella. 

A 2018 flyer for Creekchella promoting auditions. 
Provided by SCHS Raiders Facebook Page

During the week of Creekchella, the leadership class of Silver Creek hosts spirit days to get in the right mood for the anticipated event on Friday. Some spirit days include, “Tacky Tourist, Ride or Die, and Patriotic Pride.”

There are a set of auditions that need to be done to perform for Creekchella. Avi Ratnaparki, the 2022 ASB spirit leader, says “Auditions for Creekchella are extremely important. This is to make sure all performances are raider ready. After seeing all auditions, a select few are chosen to perform for the student body for Creekchella. We appreciate all performances who audition but there is limited time. Get ready for this year’s Creekchella coming soon!” 

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