Creek Campus Construction Carves New Classes

Andrew Yoshioka

April 27, 2022

The Construction taken from the front of the art building. This was a few days after the Spring Break ended, April 28. (Picture by Andrew Yoshioka)

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Construction crews have been hard at work for several months building a new structure on the Silver Creek campus. Those who walk near the art and science departments will notice the framework of a new building in place, where previous ones were demolished late 2021. The construction could also be seen from outside at the drop-off area at the front of campus. Although part of the walking path is blocked, it hasn’t proved much of a problem for students.

The construction on this project has been ongoing since September 2021. The construction site has been blocked out entirely, marking out a small portion of the school walking path.

Progress has been hard to see throughout the school year, as the gates make it incredibly hard for a passerby student to see. Over the 2022 Spring Break however, the structure of new classrooms has become more visible from the point of view. At the moment, a large building with structure taller than the nearby L-Wing buildings can be seen, which could signify good progress being made. The construction will likely be finished early into the next school year, as more work might be accomplished during summer break, without students and staff on campus.

The new buildings are planned to be used as additional classrooms. The classrooms that were demolished haven’t been used for years, so perhaps new staff will be admitted, or other classes will be moved to this new area. There has been questioning among students on if these classrooms would even be used right away, which is unknown at the moment. More information will likely surface over the summer as the structure is finalized.

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