Silver Creek’s newest building: K-building

Silver Creek’s new K-building under construction. Photo
Credits: Anoop Bainiwal

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—Silver Creek’s newest building, K-building, has been under construction this past year and is scheduled to be finished by February 2023. 

This project has been being planned since April 2020. The area is around 17 thousand square feet and the cost is about $23 million. This building will end up being a two story and is located on the perimeter of the school, right in front of the bus loop between L and J. The building is going to face inward towards the campus despite being on the perimeter of the SCHS campus. 

According to a website talking about the information for the building, this design’s goal is to focus on improving the quality of life for the students of SCHS. In order to inspire the imagination of both teachers and students, allowing them to make the building their own. Hopefully staff and faculty who use the building feel neighborly and social with one another, instead of disconnected. 

K-building is the second double story building after U-building. The main stair and lift both stop at the intermediate platform, which would be a space for students, staff and faculty to enjoy, and would create a covered outside area below. The second floor includes a social balcony that overlooks the central learning space below. Two green roofs would refresh and delight those who use the new building K. 

Personally, I think that this building will be great because it’ll be a two story building which will make it seem larger and more spacious. SCHS freshman Kiranpreet Dhillon comments,”I had my art class in this building before they tore it down and it would be nice if I had a class in this building once it’s finished.” I also hope that I will have a class in this new building in the coming years. 

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