Silver Creek’s Maker Club and What they do

The makers club logo image made and provided by Jenny Ku

By Amelia Leson

April 27, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF — Silver Creek has many inclusive clubs for each and every hobby. One among the numerous clubs is the makers club. A techy arts and crafts club, teaching students how to code and create, letting people and their creativity run free and create wonders. 

A creative key chain that was ordered by an individual photo taken by Jenny Ku

Work and projects have been slow because of the lack of projects and products being able to be made, up until now. The club now has a colored printer, 3D printer and a sticker printer. Jenny Ku, the club leader, and many others are working hard to earn the funding for the printers and resources in order to continue the club. For now, they’re in the process of learning how to code and more of the basics of creating designs for 3D printing and stickers.

The day before valentines day, the Makers Club made and sold flowers with lollipops. People were also able to buy key chains of a picture of their choosing. It is a very interactive club that hopes to get new members with time and next year, the club will be fully active in producing interesting and unique items. Hopefully being able to entice new members to join the club and all the fun activities that are presented. 

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