Mrs. Barrett-Wong on her leave from Silver Creek and the impact she had on the school

By Mayur Rajan

Photo for Associate Principal Position // Silver Creek High School

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Barrett-Wong, an administrator at Silver Creek High School, made the  decision to leave Silver Creek  after working here for her entire teaching career. 

She is known as an amazing person and a great role model as students can see her standing outside the office, always with a smile on her face to greet students each morning. She said that “every morning is a blessing and I love to talk to students about different topics about the day ahead. I feel like it is important to connect with them and understand them because they make up the school and help it run”. Part of the reason why Silver Creek has been a great school for many students is because of the decisions that Barrett-Wong makes for the students and the staff. Her job is not easy as students email her almost every day to help fix grades, to talk about their teachers and their academic struggles. Barrett-Wong believes in equality for everyone and she says, “I know a lot of people are angry, especially towards the end of the year when grades are closing, but I want to help everyone and I feel like I am making a big difference in kids graduating and finding their career path”. Dealing with angry students and angry teachers is something no one loves to do but Barrett-Wong did it for her whole career and she will continue to do it for the rest of the school year. 

Students were asked around campus about Barrett-Wong’s leave from Silver Creek and there were a lot of mixed answers. A junior at Silver Creek said “I like Barrett-Wong and her positive attitude every day when I talk to her. A freshman at Silver Creek said “I’ve never really talked to Barrett-Wong before, so I don’t really know her as a person but I know what she does at school, but I will miss her. I wish Barrett-Wong the best of luck for whatever she chooses to do in the future”. We all know Mrs. Barrett-Wong is a fantastic administrator and an amazing person overall and her influence and presence at Silver Creek will not be forgotten. 

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