Sydney Lai, the hidden fashion gem 

By Alexia Torres Camino

Lai’s green extravaganza top from Princess Polly  (Photo Credit: Sydney Lai)

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Sydney Lai, a senior at Silver Creek High School, finds fashion and shopping as an outlet of expression to create eye-catching outfits. 

Lai has a real passion for fashion. “What attracts me to fashion is the idea of being able to express myself through articles of clothing. I love how dressing up makes me feel. Fashion is my happy place. Putting outfits together in my head and then styling them on myself makes me feel so accomplished,” said Lai. Lai’s favorite stores and websites to shop at are Princess Polly and Garage since the cute and versatile styles match her aesthetic perfectly.

Lai’s  blue butterfly look and with her dog Coco photobombing her picture. (Photo credit: Sydney Lai)

Lai thinks it is hard to express herself in school due to dress code but it also all depends on her mood. “I want to wear what I wanna wear and show it off but there are times when I have no choice but to be secretive.  I would say a good amount of people know about my passion for fashion such as my friends and some family members,” states Lai. Lai doesn’t really have the urge to tell people about her hidden passion due to them not truly thinking it’s her niche.

Lai’s stylish New York runway teddy bear jacket from Abercrombie and a white silk dress from Princess Polly.  (Photo credit: Sydney Lai)

Out of all of Lai’s purchases, she has a really special piece that was just destined to be a part of her closet. She explains, “ My teddy bear jacket, it was my biggest splurge. Saw it on a mannequin and instantly went inside to look for it. Found it, thought it was expensive, wanted to go for it and bought it. It makes me look like I’m on a New York runway.” The whole process of matching styles and colors excites her. 

As a senior, Lai still wonders what she will do in the near future but she is certain that she wants fashion to be in her life even though it may not be her main career. Lai expresses, “I used to think that fashion was only a hobby of mine. Now, I’m beginning to see the big picture, but who knows? All I know is that no matter what I choose to do with my life, fashion will always be a part of my life. Even if I don’t pursue it, I will still continue to shop and style myself. I will always express my love for fashion.”

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