Silver Creek Track Team Takes On Evergreen Valley High School during Senior Night

By Mayur Rajan

Silver Creek Track // Mayur Rajan

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – On April 6, Silver Creek took on Evergreen Valley High School during a track meet for their regular season located at the Silver Creek track.

Senior night is a celebration for the seniors so that they’re able to celebrate the last home meet before they move on to college. Playing a sport is hard and after doing it for so long, it’s normal to feel emotional or sad moving on from the sport.  Many people decide to continue after high school and pursue it in college, but it isn’t the same as leaving your old teammates and finding new friends and teammates to play with.

The event was fantastic, as all the seniors were celebrated individually for their achievements throughout their track career at Creek. Many people also came out to watch as the bleachers were crowded, filled with scouts, friends, and family all cheering on their team. Silver Creek had many wonderful performances yesterday from Madeleine Yamamoto and Jazlynn Shearer, who both took part in the hurdles competition. Shearer ended up winning and she took the win as she beat both Yamamoto and a freshman from Evergreen Valley. 

The audience was very pleased with the performance, as you were able to hear roars and applause for the Raiders running during the meet. It was very hot, around 80 degrees, but there was a large amount of people cheering, which was great for the runners as they were most definitely motivated from it.

One spectator from the bleachers said, “I think this meet is fantastic and I can’t wait to see how my son does. It’s really hot out here and I think the runners are definitely going to be affected by it”. A scout from San Jose State also commented on the meet saying, “This is the true test for the runners as they are racing in the extreme heat so we are going to have to see who is the best of the best. I already see a lot of talent out here and I hope to find some runners for San Jose State”. The meet went extremely well and it was definitely a fun event to attend.

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