Grammys 2022 Award Show 

Veena Mahalingam

Apr 15, 2022

SAN JOSE,. CALIF.-The 2022 Grammys, held in Los Angeles on April 3, had great singers, speeches and astonishing outfits. There were new artists just entering the industry, and ones who have had some experience at these award shows before. There were well-known artists such as Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, Kanye West, Lil Nas X, Doja Cat and more.

The young new artist, Olivis Rodrigo, won her first grammys for best new artist, best pop vocal performance for her album “Sour”, and best pop solo performance for her song “Drivers             license”. 

Kanye West was not allowed to attend in person and perform that night but he still won 2 awards. He won for best melodic rap performance and  best rap song. He didn’t seem too happy about it because after he got his awards, he posted a picture of the trophy in the toilet and compared the music industry to “modern day slavery”. Billie Eilish was nominated in seven categories and even though she did not  win an award, she still performed her song “happier than ever” that night.

They all had great and original outfits as well. Doja Cat started off the show in an Atelier versace gown in mint green then later changed into a light pink dress. She also changed her hair color, from blonde to black. Lady Gaga came in an Armani Privé, black and white dress. Dua Lipa wore a beautiful Versace black and gold gown. She ended up changing into another, simpler black dress which coincidentally was also the dress Megan Thee Stallion was in. Many students in Silver Creek listen to music constantly so it would be interesting for them to know if their favorite singers won. “BTS should have won the performance award bc kiss me more was not performed as much as their song and it was barely performed together.” A students says 

Rodrigo performs her hit song Driver’s License at the Grammys

Overall, the 64th grammys were full of successful singers who performed beautifully and won well earned awards. It was great to see other, more experienced singers cheer on rising artists and fun seeing other singers who have been favorites for a while win yet another award.

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