Yadira Camarena and her path to success 

By Jenny Le

March 9, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Yadira Camarena, a sophomore at Silver Creek, is committed to reaching success by achieving her dream career as a nurse. 

Camarena grew up in San Jose and then went away to Mexico to visit her family. Inspired by her aunt, who is a doctor in Mexico, she always knew that she wanted to be a nurse. Since one of the aspects of being a nurse is helping people, she was especially motivated when Covid struck. When the virus started spreading, there was a shortage of nurses and she knew wanted to help people during difficult times like this. One person who she looks up to is her dad because of his hard work and his care for her. It was because of him that she valued hard work and believed that she could make it in the future.

An art piece from Camarena’s sketchbook that she did in her free time.
Photo courtesy: Yadira Camarena 

In school, Camarena balances all her schoolwork so that she can have time for other things. One of her favorite subjects is P.E. because she enjoys swimming. Some of her hobbies are drawing and reading manga. One of her favorite mangas would be “The Case Study of Vanitas” by Jun Mochizuki because of the situations and obstacles the character experiences. Camarena enjoys these two hobbies in particular because reading calms her, while drawing makes her feel more relaxed.

Camarena is most proud of herself for leaving drama behind and becoming a better person. “As time went by I felt like none of the drama was good for me or for my mental health. It wasn’t worth it.” Changing her mindset was what really set her on the path to learning and improving. Currently, she has found peace and feels as if she doesn’t have to worry about the negativity people try to bring into her life. One piece of advice she shared is, “Don’t try to change for other people to make them happy because it’ll just have a negative effect.”

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