Silver Creek’s parking issue

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — The parking at Silver Creek High school has always been an issue for the staff and students. Most students rely on cars to get to school, whether it’s their own car or parents driving them. Although the majority of students rely on vehicle transportation, the parking space is very limited.

There have been many cases where students have parked in the staff parking lot because of this problem. There are about 2500 students at Silver creek, and one parking lot isn’t enough for everyone. Not every student in the school drives but even if the parents just drop them off, the road is still packed with people. Right now there is an early start and a late start, but next year all schools will start at the same time. That means all the elementary schools, middle schools, and the high school students will have to leave their houses at the same time. 

The parking lot is relatively small for a school as big as this. There have been times when students would make their own parking spots because of this factor. Creating parking spaces without the correct verification could cause many hazards. In case of emergency, if people need to leave the school quickly, the extra spots could block them. Parking spaces are created in a way that doesn’t block entrances or exits for anyone.

For a short period of time, the school would charge students and staff for a “parking pass”. Overall, many people tried to control this situation but nothing worked permanently. This affects many people negatively because it’s not practical to park somewhere far off and walk.This affects everyone and while it’s hard to fix it, there needs to be more space.

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