Gas‌ ‌prices‌ ‌have‌ ‌gone‌ ‌up:‌ ‌here’s‌ ‌why‌ ‌

By Jenny Le 

Mar 22, 2022

SAN‌ ‌JOSE,‌ ‌CALIF.‌ ‌—‌ ‌ Gas prices have been on the rise since March in the U.S, leaving many people enraged and this is possibly due to the start of Russia’s invasion. 

Part of the reason that gas prices are increasing is President Joe Biden banning Russian oil and gas in an attempt to stop the fighting. Even though many Americans are questioning this decision, it’s to help support Ukraine from the Russian invasion.

Gas prices have now increased in the United States. In most places, it’s around $4 and a few cents, but in California, it’s $5, sometimes even more. Even if Russia hasn’t struck at Ukraine, prices have been going up since Covid hit. The gas prices have gone up about 30%, which is the most gas has gone up in the last 30 years. 

A picture of gas prices currently.
Photo courtesy: Jenny Le 

According to Buzzfeednews, “Then, as the war in Ukraine disrupted global oil supplies, nudging New York City’s gas price to $4.28 in the first week of March, Rivera’s budget finally ruptured. He could no longer pay his $400 weekly bill to the fleet owner leasing him the Camry.‘I fell behind,’ said Rivera, who is 52 and lives in the South Bronx. ‘I had to return my vehicle.’…” 

Gas prices have especially made it hard for families with low income to even get gas to go to work or even pick up their kids from school. People, even Uber drivers are enraged since they make $11.77 an hour the gas prices it would cut their paycheck by 5 dollars which leaves them with around 5-6 dollars.  Mary Nguyen, a student at Silver Creek said, “Gas is so expensive now that many people aren’t willing to go out.”

A picture of gas prices currently in a different gas station near Silver Creek High school.
Photo courtesy: Andrea Guteriez 

People who have low income are struggling the most, struggling to keep up with bills and now having to worry about transportation. Gas prices rising have led to a protest and some people even having to sell their cars. Many people have even predicted that prices are going to get even higher in the future. But currently, California holds the highest price for gas at $5.74 while Kanas only pays $3.82. Gas prices are at their highest in years and are said to not go down till November.

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