CAASPP Testing: here’s what you need to know

April 4, 2022  

By Jenny Le

SAN‌ ‌JOSE,‌ ‌CALIF.‌ ‌—‌ As CAASPP testing gets closer, starting April 11, 2022, students at Silver Creek high school prepare to ace the test.

Starting next week, Juniors will be taking the CAASPP, a test that will guarantee that students are ready to leave high school to pursue their college or occupations. All students are expected to know subjects such as science, English language arts, and math by the end of their high school careers. The CAASPP or SBAC test is supposed to prepare students for college-level material, and the score will then be used in placements for college but will not affect student admissions. 

For instance, if a student scores high on language arts they will be placed in a high placement of English in college, whereas if you score low in language arts you will be placed in a lower placement. The test is not timed but it is said to be about 2 hours long. The CAASPP is not something to stress over since it’s just for placement, but students are expected to put their best efforts into the test so they get in the right placement.

An illustration of an online assessment.
Photo courtesy: mohamed_hassen from pixabay

So how should you study for the CAASPP? To prepare for this test you must make sure that you are familiar with mathematical formulas. Not only math formulas but prioritize parts of each subject that will be in the test. As students are not permitted to have their phones out or bring notes. What will be allowed is a single sheet of paper to use as scratch paper. On the test, there will be a demo calculator that can not solve algebraic math equations, which is why it is crucial to make sure you know how to solve them. 

All Juniors will be taking all subjects of the test, for a total of four days of testing. Seniors only have to take science which Thursday, the other day will be for sex education and going to gown pickup. Sophomores and Freshmen will take the test Junior year, and don’t have to come to school during testing hours. With that note, make sure to pay attention in your classes so you are prepared for the test in the future.

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