March Madness at the extreme

UCLA guard Tyger Campbell dribbles the ball in a game
vs Chico State. Photo Credits: Steve Cheng, Flickr

SAN JOSE CALIF. — March Madness can create heroes and it can create villains. This year’s March Madness has been at its extreme. Miracles, heartbreaks, game-winners, and so much more. 

The #15 seed Saint Peter’s has been delivering upset after upset. In the first round, they beat the #2 seed Kentucky Wildcats. They then went on to defeat the #7 seed Murray State in the second round. After that, they would face the #3 seed Purdue in the Sweet Sixteen and would win again. Finally, Saint Peter’s Cinderella Story came to an end after losing to UNC in the Elite Eight. Saint Peter’s is the only #15 seeds in history to make it to the Elite Eight. Only two #15 seeds, Florida Gulf Coast in 2013 and Oral Roberts in 2021, have made it to the Sweet 16. They didn’t go any further after that.

In the Final Four, on one side of the bracket, the #8 seed UNC will play the #2 seed Duke. On the other side of the bracket, the #2 seed Villanova will play the #1 seed Kansas. Both of the games will be played on Saturday, April 2 and will determine which teams will play in the NCAA Championship. The NCAA Championship game will be played on Monday, April 4 and the teams playing in it will be determined.  

Lots of people have argued about officiating in some of the tournament games. Probably the worst officiating in any tournament game this year was Baylor vs UNC. There were numerous missed calls on Baylor, but not so many for UNC. “No reasonable person could suggest that game was called correctly,” said ESPN analyst Jay Bilas, a member of the NCAA men’s basketball competition committee. `

Local college basketball team San Jose State has appeared in the tournament three times but lost all three. Their first appearance was in 1951, when they lost to BYU. Their next game was in 1980, in which they lost to the Missouri Tigers. The last time SJSU was in the NCAA tournament was in 1996, in which they lost to the Kentucky Wildcats. SJSU might take some time to make the tournament again as they went 8-23 overall this season and 1-17 in their conference. 

Arizona Wildcats forward Azuolas Tubelis
celebrates after a win against the Michigan
Wolverines. Photo Credits: MGoBlog, Flickr

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