Kokoro Ramen: An exceptional spot for ramen lovers

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— Located in bustling Milpitas Square, Kokoro Ramen has become well known for its great selection of ramen and comfort side entrees. The entry into Kokoro Ramen, at first sight, was pleasant and cozy. 

Maybe it was the nighttime setting or the warm ambient lights on the interior decor, but it definitely was a place that set the mood as I proceeded to order off of the menu provided by the kind waitress.

Tonkatsu Ramen

The tonkatsu ramen was absolutely warm and filling! I was pleasantly surprised because usually when I eat ramen, I find the broth to be very thick and overwhelming to stomach unless I am given the option to choose a thinner broth content. This broth was made from pork which brought out a subtle umami flavor that was the perfect balance for me. 

The bowl of ramen was accommodated with other fresh ingredients like black sesame, green onion, bean sprouts, chashu, bamboo shoots, kikurage mushrooms, garlic, and a half soft boiled egg to top it off. Every sip of the pork broth and great intake of ramen I had was thoroughly enjoyed as the flavors danced in my mouth. For the price of about $14 including tax, it’s worth every penny. It was comfort food that can be seen through the time and effort put into putting together every bowl that was served to the customers.

Japanese Style Fries

Waiting for the ramen to arrive, my friends and I thought it would be nice if we ordered a nice side entree. It was our first time here so we wanted to try something new. We settled with the Japanese-style fries which had bonito flakes, Japanese mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, and furikake. As the platter was placed on our table by the server, I saw the bonito flakes fluttering and moving almost lifelike as it reacted to the heat of the fresh batch of fries. 

My friend, Katelyn Truong, a senior said, “I did not expect the Japanese-style fries to taste as good as they looked but I was satisfied and it was super yummy!” There was a hum of approval as all of us tried it. It was crispy, savory, sweet, and fun to eat! While we ate our ramen, these fries served as a great filler for our stomachs.

As my friends and I emptied our bowls and patted our tummies, we were very content! Having been able to try a new ramen place, I was satisfied with the food and experience. The people who served us were extremely kind and helped us with everything we needed. The place wasn’t overcrowded but just filled enough with people to feel cozy. I would definitely eat here again and recommend this place to people if they were looking for a place to eat at night after a long day.

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