Fremont Afghan Kabob

By: Naimat Davariar

SAN JOSE, CALIF. Afghan Kabob is a popular halal Afghani restaurant serving authentic dishes like kebabs, flatbreads and curries, located in Fremont, California.

This restaurant is now my most recommended and all time favorite. The food there is so authentic and tasty. The kabob dishes are the restaurant’s most popular pick out of the rest of the foods they have. I ordered the chicken kabob dish, which was the best decision I’ve ever made. It is hands down the best chicken I have ever tasted and the salad fits so well with the dish. Yogurt is a must with this type of food, so I got that too. Overall, the meal was very fulfilling and I was stuffed.

As you walk into the restaurant, the paintings on the wall catch your eye instantly. It shows mountains and deserts from the country of Afghanistan. They have a nice sitting area all around the restaurant. Towards the left, there is a couch area where you can eat sitting on the carpet. It’s a tradition for Middle Easterns to sit on the floor on richly decorated rugs and eat their food. The right side is tables and chairs so it’s nice you get to pick where you want to sit. The service provided is amazing and the waiters are very respectful. I will say though that the restaurant is a little crowded and would be nice if it were bigger. Nevertheless, It’s a great place to come with family and enjoy quality food.

They also have a lot of other entrees and desserts that I heard were very good.  In my experience, I got the desert called Firni. Basically, it’s Afghan pudding prepared with milk, almonds and topped with pistachios. It had an interesting flavor and it was so delicious. A student from Silver Creek High School has visited this restaurant and he said, “This Afghan restaurant is a ten out of ten and I go there all the time.” From my experience, I very much recommend coming to the Fremont Afghan Kabob Restaurant if you want to taste truly authentic Afghan food. 

Chicken Kabob dish (Photo credit: Naimat Davariar)
Ferni dessert (Photo credit: Naimat Davariar)

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