Silver Creek Raiders vs. Piedmont Pirates swim meet

March 18, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— On March 17, the Silver Creek Raiders went up against the Piedmont Pirates, a long time rival in an intense swim meet at Silver Creek. 

Silver Creek and Piedmont warming up before the meet. (Photo Credit: Lara Agpoon)
Chance Ilusorio, Mahika Joshi and Shanta Joshi posing. (Photo Credit: Lara Agpoon)
Girls Varsity getting ready for relays. (Photo Credit: Lara Agpoon)
Boys varsity trying their best to swim to the end and back. (Photo Credit: Lara Agpoon)
The Girls varsity ended the meet with a positive note, bringing it home for the Silver Creek Raiders. (Photo Credit: Lara Agpoon)

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