Aasha Jain and her love for being involved with her community

Feb. 14, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Aasha Jain is a senior at Silver Creek High School who enjoys helping out her community by working with animals and children with special needs.

During the summer after eighth grade, Jain started to spend more of her time with children who have special needs at a non-profit organization. Part of the program is for her to help and teach them life skills which include communication skills, physical awareness and letter recognition skills. These skills can be utilized when the kids interact with other people. She provides a safe space for them to learn and grow. 

Throughout her years working with the children, she made long lasting connections and memories with them. Jain says, “I get to see many of the same children repeatedly and so I definitely get to build relationships with them.” Her favorite memory of working with them was seeing them make progress. She’s met kids who didn’t have physical awareness or even communication skills when they started the program but now have achieved these skills. “It feels so amazing to see them grow knowing that you’ve contributed to their success!” 

In the same year of working with children with special needs, Jain joined OSC (One Step Closer). OSC is a horse riding program that provides therapy and allows participants to reach their full potential not only physically but mentally. Jain joined OSC because of her love for animals. Growing up, Jain has never lived in a household without animals. Due to this, she felt compelled to extend her affection for animals.

Attending OSC has helped her with difficult periods in her life. She claims, “The wonderful, calming atmosphere at OSC has a way of reducing stress and lifting one’s mood.” During her time in OSC, she’s met people who made a positive impact on her mental health. “It’s been great to meet other people from all walks of life and come together with them through a common passion.”

After hearing about Jain’s wonderful volunteering experiences, she provided some tips to those who want to help out their community but don’t know where to start. Her biggest tip is to think about your passions. “If you start with something you’re genuinely passionate about, you’re sure to enjoy whatever community involvement you experience in the future.”

After she graduates, Jain is hopeful to continue her involvement with horses and children in the future.  

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